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  • Customers like
    • It was a great magazine when it started 14
    • Magazine 8
    • I got tools to try out and got my magazine 3
  • Customers don't like
    • No longer get what the membership offered 15
    • That they broke their contract 10
    • We didnt get what was promised 9

I have been a life member of the club for several years and have seen the benefits of my membership being chipped away year after year. I have not seen a magazine for quite a while, can't find expert advice, plans, ideas, and can't take advantage of tool testing either. I would like to know where the benefits I purchased are or who I would talk to for a refund of my life membership. I am disgusted with the organization and feel they have taken... Read more

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I moved from 5609 Beach St Riverside CA 92509 to 1278 Addison Ave Winston Salem NC 27101 my membership # is30624920 6 could you please send my magizen to my new address Thank you Patsy Petrich

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Does this sound familiar? No longer receive a printed longer test longer receive an on line magazine and cannot get customer service to answer me. Biggest rip off of the century. I paid for a lifetime membership and got jack....there needs to be a class action suit brought against these people. Have been trying since last year to get an answer from them, and all I get is the automated response that my question has been... Read more

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have been a lifetime member since 1990 and all was good until a few years back (2008) when the magazine stopped coming and the offer to test products just vanished. Their website took on changes to the point I could not log in anymore, customer service took a dramatic turn off as they where hard to get a hold of concerning any questions I had. Once they where a perfect site for all Handyman women alike, but something went wrong and the promises... Read more

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I joined a lifetime membership with Handyman Club of America well over 12 years ago. I have not receive my magazines in a very long time (well over a year). I am still around and life time should mean life time. How do I get my magazines? Not only am I missing anything new coming out I am missing information I use to complete my home projects. Every thing was fine at first. I was even given some small items to review and that stopped a really... Read more

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was getting my handyman magazine for about 1 year or so and then they just stopped so i did some checking i tried to call them their phone # is no good any more, my father has since passed away but i am grateful and have been blessed with such a great dad for his never ending love and the gift he tried to leave me. the handyman magazines that i have received i thank you and will be cherished . God bless you all. SGT J.L.MOORE. FORCE... Read more

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Why do'nt all of us lifetime paid membership members start a class action law suit like the Trump U people are doing!!

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I too was a lifetime member of handyman club, I don't even receive magazine from them

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I've been a "life Member" for a long time, however, I have had ZERO correspondence with, or from them in over 5 years....not even my magazine.I want what I paid for! They were pretty good about sending things out when I first joined, but after a few years, they got very sporadic about getting the magazines and/or anything else to me. I'm "supposed" to get items to test every once in a while, where is that "benefit"? A LIFE MEMBER should receive... Read more

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